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Thinking about how to get more patients for your Orthodontic practice? With the advent of digital marketing and the uptake of tools like social media, the medical marketing landscape has changed dramatically over the last 20 years.

How Has Marketing Changed For Orthodontists?

The rise in primary care dentists providing orthodontic procedures coupled with the advent of mail-in braces have notably shifted the Orthodontic marketing landscape.

Historically, Orthodontists relied on referrals from neighboring primary care dentists for patients. While referral networks can still provide significant value to your business, adding in a digital marketing component can take your orthodontic practice to the next level.

This marketing strategy can be referred to as Direct-To-Consumer advertising. It’s likely that your competitors are leveraging digital marketing alongside their existing dental referral networks. With measurable ROI and simple implementation, what do you have to lose?

What Are The Most Effective Strategies For Orthodontists To Get More Patients?

Google Ads
Google ads allow you to target prospective customers when they are most likely to convert: when they are searching for the Orthodontic services that you provide!

A well-optimized Google ads campaign combines text ads, call-only ads, landing pages, and keyword research.

Keyword research
Identifying and tracking Orthodontic keywords is the most important aspect of running a Google Ads campaign. Oftentimes we find that Orthodontists run ads for a wide breadth of keywords, however, oftentimes removing keywords can be as effective at improving ad efficiency as adding new ones!

Call-only ads
Call-only ads are designed to allow customers to call your business simply by clicking on an ad. These ads are typically displayed on mobile devices, and convert ad clicks directly into calls to your business.

Landing pages
A landing page is where a user lands after clicking on an ad. Many businesses send ad clicks to the home page of their website. While this can drive new leads to your Orthodontic business, designing a conversion-optimized landing page can improve your acquisition rate significantly. By improving the conversion rate on a landing page, you can better allocate your ad spend and ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck on your marketing investment. Unsure if your current landing page is up to par? We’re happy to take a look.

Setting Up A Review Generation System
Have you ever wondered why companies work to solicit positive reviews on their Google & Facebook profiles? Implementing a review generation system can provide credibility to your business and give your website an important SEO boost. Genuine, honest reviews can be the tipping point for converting a website visitor into a long term client.

How positive reviews affect SEO rankings
Google uses customer reviews as one factor in ranking businesses for local search queries. Google frequently indexes customer reviews and uses these to understand the value that different businesses are providing for their clientele. A lower star rating can lead to fewer organic clicks to your website.

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