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We get it. Between dealing with free vein screenings to managing the reception area, running a vein clinic can be a challenge. At Web Pro MD, our goal is to make generating quality leads for your vein clinic as painless as possible. Here are three strategies you can employ today to increase conversions & book more patients.


Ad retargeting is the easiest way you can increase your return on ad spend. You’re (most likely) already spending good money to get traffic to your website. While some of that traffic will convert into patients, the vast majority will visit your site, click through one or two pages, and move on to another corner of the internet, never to be seen again. No bueno. Once we’ve paid to get that click to the website, we need to capitalize.

How retargeting works
Have you ever looked at a pair of shoes on Amazon only to have that same pair of shoes follow you around the internet for the next two weeks in the form of targeted ads? While having big brother track your internet browsing is a bit unnerving, you can leverage this technology to convert more of your web traffic into paying customers.

We recommend driving targeted traffic to your website via Google Ads & retargeting website visitors on Facebook by using a facebook pixel. We won’t go into the nitty gritty here, but you can watch this video on how to install a facebook pixel. Any web developer worth his salt will know how to install it and get it working for you. If they don’t know, contact us and we can take care of it for you!

Note: while it is possible to retarget website visitors on Google as well, Google tends to prevent businesses from retargeting people with ads for medical services.

You can even use messaging that implies that you know that the person you’re targeting is interested in vein treatments.


Measure Conversions

‘What gets measured gets more vein patients’ – Peter Drucker


Alright, alright. Maybe this quote can’t actually be attributed to Drucker. Either way, you need to measure conversions on your website to understand what marketing tactics are working and which are not. The easiest way to measure conversions on your site is to offer a basic freebie to website visitors. Most vein clinics opt for offering a free vein screening on their website. In order to redeem this freebie, website visitors have to enter in their contact information (First name, last name, email address), and then your website automatically emails the user a coupon for their free vein screening.

After the website visitor has entered in their contact information successfully, the website sends the user to a ‘thank you’ page. This is the page where you are measuring your conversion. Using a piece of code, we can connect the data from your Google and Facebook advertising efforts to actual actions on your website. What’s the point on bidding $20 for a click if none of those clicks actually convert into paying customers? By collecting data on where your conversions are coming from, you can double down on the marketing strategies that are driving sales and get rid of the paid ads that aren’t converting.

Using a tool like Google tag manager it’s possible to track dozens of different actions on a website & tie them back to your ad spend. How many people clicked on your phone number on a mobile device? How many clicked on the contact email on the ‘About Us’ page? Which ads did those people see before clicking? With a little bit of leg work, you can start measuring how traffic is engaging with your website & further optimize your ad spend.


Segment Your Audience

Do you talk to your significant other the same way you talk to your dog? I certainly hope not.

In the same way, adjusting your messaging depending on the recipient is key to increasing the conversion rate of your marketing efforts.

For example, when we run Google Ads for vein clinics, we adjust the copy of our Google Ads depending on the age and sex of the person viewing the ad. Women tend to be more focused on the aesthetic results of vein treatments, and we’ve found that directing women to before & after photos of other women helps to increase their conversion rate.

On the other hand, men tend to be more concerned with the cost of vein treatments & the recovery process. By adjusting the male-targeted ad copy to emphasize the payment options & insurance coverage available at a clinic, we can drive more clicks and ultimately more sales.


Do you agree? Disagree? Want to implement these strategies at your clinic?

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Contact us here.