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Copywriting is an often overlooked element of dental marketing. No matter how well designed and responsive your website is, if your dental copy isn’t engaging, your website won’t convert.


Features vs. Benefits

When describing what makes your dental clinic different, it is best to speak about the benefits of choosing your clinic over another instead of focusing on features. Features are fact-based. Benefits are emotional. Focusing on the benefits of your services allow patients to see “what’s in it for them.” See the example below: Which sounds more appealing?


  • Three receptionists
  • Large reception area
  • Dentists with 40 years experience


  • In and out of your appointment as quickly as possible
  • Relaxing, luxury waiting room for all patients
  • The minimum downtime possible following your dental procedure

Avoid Medical Jargon

Frequently we meet business owners who feel strongly about writing their own copy. They feel that they know their business inside and out, and thus they are the best fit for the copywriting job. Aside from the fact that copywriting is a poor use of your time as a medical professional (unless, of course, you happen to love copywriting!), it helps to have an outside perspective on what makes your business different. We’ve found that dentists tend to focus their writing on the medical details involved with dental care. Effective dental copy is approachable, puts the end user at ease and channels web traffic towards a conversion goal. Medical jargon belongs in medical journals – not on your dental website!

Talk To The “You”

We always recommend talking to “you” in web copy. It makes website users feel as if you are talking directly to them specifically as opposed to addressing people as a general group. You may have noticed that we’ve taken the same tactic in this article!

Be Relatable

While researching dental clinics, potential patients are picking up subtle cues about the nuances of your business. Is the copy on the website easy to read? Are there spelling errors? Do the photos on the website look like real photos or stock photography? Investing the time to make your text content relatable to your target customer will pay branding dividends over the long term.

Research Keywords

Before the age of iPhones and GPS, would you start out on a cross country road trip without glancing at a map? Unless you were planning on traveling indefinitely, planning out a route would save you time and headache in the long run. The same goes for copywriting.

The queries that people use to search google vary dramatically by industry and location. Maybe near your dental clinic people tend to search for “Best Dentist In {city name}”. In other places, maybe it’s “Teeth Cleaning Near Me”. Whatever the search query, you can perform keyword research to understand what queries are driving traffic in your area and cater your text content to those queries. Tailoring your text content to existing searches not only helps you better speak to your target demographic – it also improves your chances to rank on search engines like Google.