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If you’re not allocating a percentage of your marketing budget to Google Ads, it’s likely that you are missing out on vein patients in your area. Advertising on Google has many benefits compared with other marketing options.

Highly Trackable
By using conversion-optimized landing pages and Google Tag Manager tracking scripts, we’re able to track user behavior after clicking on an ad. By tracking and recording this conversion data, we’re able to connect an abstract concept (i.e. a click to a landing page) with a concrete result (a vein consultation booked for your practice). As this tracking data populates over time, we’re able to allocate a larger percentage of your marketing budget to the ads and keywords with the highest conversion rates.

Known Intent
When someone is searching for a vein clinic in your area, you already know their intent. This is a common mistake we see when auditing new adwords accounts – Many accounts choose to target a wide breadth of keywords as opposed to focusing their spend on the keywords that show intent to purchase. For example, a search for ‘what causes vein disease’ is related to the work of a vein clinic, but does not show intent. This is what we would classify as a ‘research’ query.

On the other hand, a query for ‘vein doctor near me’ has a strong purchase intent – The user using this query has likely already done their research, and is ready to find a vein clinic that fits their needs. With a limited marketing budget, it’s important to focus on buyer intent keywords as opposed to research keywords.

Quick To Deploy & Adjust
Compared with conventional marketing channels, Google Advertising is quick to deploy and adjust. Changes to targeted keywords & campaign strategies can be made in a matter of hours.

While traditional print media requires long lead times and lengthy turnarounds, Google Ads can be deployed quickly and effectively.


So you’re ready to take the plunge into Google Ads. Awesome! Whether you plan to try to manage the spend yourself or prefer to hire an expert (like us!) there are a few pitfalls that you should be careful to avoid.


Targeting Too Many Keywords
Many agencies take the quantity over quality approach when it comes to targeting keywords for a Google Advertising campaign. Although targeting a wide range of keywords can insure that your ads show for any query related to vein treatments, the goal of a Google Ads campaign should be to spend those ad dollars in the most effective way possible – Not as broadly as possible. We’ve found that focusing on fewer, higher value keywords can dramatically improve the results on an ad account.

Not Matching Ad Content To The Query
It’s critical that ad content relates directly to the targeted keyword. For example, if someone is searching for ‘Sclero Treatment Near Me’, you should be sure that your ad mentions your clinic’s expertise when it comes to Sclerotherapy. Oftentimes we see clinics use generic language in their ads – This reduces click-through rate and drives bids up on keywords. Google rewards a well thought out Google Ads campaign with a lower cost per click – Thus, it’s worth the time to match your ads to the user query as closely as possible.

Ignoring Your Landing Page
If you already have a Google Ads campaign set up and running smoothly – Great! However, the work doesn’t end there. Once you’ve generated a click for your business, the user experience after the click is as important as the click itself. Does your landing page have a clear call to action and value proposition? Does the page feel like a professional brand? Is your landing page measuring conversions properly? These questions can help you get a feel for the effectiveness of your landing page and can help you adjust it as needed.

We have seen tremendous growth month over month in the number of clicks via pay per click and organic searches. We have quarterly reviews to looks at the data and determine what is working and what can be improved. This attention to detail is important considering how often search criteria changes. I would highly recommend Web Pro MD to any clinic looking to improve their online presence.

Vanish Vein Clinic

If you’re ready to hire an agency to manage the Google Ad Spend for your vein clinic, we’ve found the following questions to be helpful in determining if the agency is the right fit for your clinic.


How much emphasis does your agency put on tracking conversions?
As mentioned above, an Ad account without proper conversion tracking is wasting precious ad dollars. You want an agency that puts conversion tracking at the top of their priority list.

Are you willing to take a look at my ad account to see where my opportunities to improve are?
Most agencies offer a free audit and are willing to take a look under the hood of an existing ad account free of charge. These audits can be very telling – Any agency worth its salt should be able to provide a point by point list of their recommended optimizations with their reasoning behind their proposed improvements.

Do you build and optimize landing pages alongside your ad spend?
Spending money on Google without a high-quality landing page is like driving a sports car and never changing the oil. You can do it – It just won’t be pretty.

If you’re ready to take the plunge into Google Ads – Let’s talk. Click here to book a free consultation.