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Investing your vein clinic’s SEO to reach the first page of Google can drive more targeted clicks to your website & help to convert more web traffic into loyal patients.


SEO stands for search engine optimization and is used to refer to how high a website ranks on search engines like Google. At Web Pro MD we often hear SEO spoken about as if it’s a physical product that can be purchased off the shelf: “Yes, I’m planning on buying some SEO for my new website!” If only it were that easy.

To keep things simple, you can think of SEO as a website popularity contest.

Although we have a general idea of what factors contribute to how high a website ranks on search engines, the “secret sauce” for exactly how much emphasis Google puts on certain aspects of SEO is a mystery. Google keeps its’ ranking requirements under wraps to prevent SEO specialists (like us!) from easily getting vein clinics to rank highly. Luckily, there are proven strategies that you can implement to boost the organic ranking of your clinic.

Before we get into how you can boost the SEO ranking of your vein clinic, it’s important to note what Google’s goal is as a service. For every search query, Google combs the internet and looks for the content that best answers the query. When Google answers your query effectively, you feel great about Google, and in turn Google builds a relationship of trust with you, the user (in addition to collecting your data & making money off of Google Ads revenue).

Google reports that 15% of all Google search queries are searches that have never been performed before. This is a huge opportunity for anyone looking to boost their SEO ranking – by researching search trends and keyword competitiveness, you can start to rank for these never before seen queries.

Our goal in SEO optimizing your vein clinic’s website is to convince Google that your site is the most relevant answer for people searching for vein treatments near your business. More than 80% of Google users click on results on the first page. If your clinic is sitting on the 2nd page of Google it is effectively invisible.

Why is investing in SEO important?

At Web Pro MD, we think of paid digital marketing spend & SEO as complementary. Pay per click advertising on platforms like Google enable your vein clinic to generate targeted leads for your business from day one. SEO is a slow burn and can take 6-8 months to see real results. However, organic traffic through SEO is exactly that – organic (FREE)! Once your vein clinic is ranking on the first page of Google for relevant search queries in your area, you have a constant stream of targeted traffic coming to your website – all for free! With targeted clicks on Google Ads running anywhere from $3 to $20 per click for a vein clinic, the value of free targeted traffic is significant.

Note: SEO is not a set-it and forget-it investment. Once your vein clinic is ranking it’s important to continue nurturing your SEO strategy to make sure you maintain your ranking over time.

SEO can be broken down into two parts: On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO refers to how well your site itself is structured. This relates to how efficiently and effectively your web pages are constructed and how easily Google can index the pages of your site. Google wants to identify what content they contain and, thus, how high your pages should rank.

Some of the factors that contribute to On-Page SEO are…

  • Title Tags
  • Page Content
  • URL Structure
  • Image Alt Text

Another large component of On-Page SEO is the content you choose to create. Tools like Google Keyword planner allow you to research search trends in your area and cater your content to existing demand. When you research keyword opportunities effectively & create high-quality content to answer those queries, Google will reward you handsomely.

This is the holy grail of Google results: the featured snippet. With high-quality content & accurate keyword research, we were able to get one of our clients ranking highly on a national level.


Off-Page SEO

Off Page SEO is the part of the popularity contest that you have less control over – how other websites feel about your website and your content. The main component of Off-Page SEO is backlinks.

What is a backlink?
A backlink is a hyperlink from one web page to another. When someone links to your web page, this signifies to Google that the content on the page provides value, and thus they index your page more favorably. Google also takes into account the authority of the site that is linking to your site when it determines how “valuable” that link is for SEO. For example, a link to your website from the New York Times will be more valuable than a link from Buy An Ancestor Online. If your vein clinic belongs to a well-established association, it is a good idea to contact them and see if they are willing to link to your vein clinic website. Building links from well establish websites that operate in your industry further signals to Google that your website is worth sending organic traffic to.

Directory Submissions
You can think of a directory as the internet’s version of the yellow pages. Directory websites (like Yelp) aggregate data on local businesses & provide a strong indicator to Google as far as which business are legitimate & worthy of unpaid traffic and which are not. Submitting your business to directory sites can help it rank more quickly & highly on search engine results pages (SERP’s). We offer monthly packages that automate the submission of your vein clinic to directory websites on a monthly basis so you don’t have to worry about the manual data entry yourself – sit back and relax while you watch your traffic climb.

Google My Business
Google My Business is a Google app that allows business owners to create simple pages for their business. Setting up a My Business page is advantageous for SEO for a variety of reasons…

  • It is contained within Google’s ecosystem. Google wants to keep you in the ‘Google-verse’ as much as possible, and by creating a Google My Business page you are playing by their rules
  • As it is a platform created by Google, it is extremely easy for Google to scan for relevant information
  • It is an easy way for customers to leave feedback & reviews for your business

In addition to building social credibility for your business, ratings & reviews also signal to Google that your website is connected to a well-established, well-respected business. Soliciting reviews from former vein patients can be automated easily and pays dividends in both SEO & converting web traffic into loyal patients.

Ready to get started?
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