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Here at Web Pro MD, we love Facebook advertising for vein clinics for a couple reasons.


Rich Content

Ads on Facebook are much more content-rich than their Google counterparts. On Google Ads, you’re forced to differentiate your clinic with text-only options. How many variations of ‘Free Screening Available!’ can you test out before starting to lose your mind? In a Facebook ad, you’re able to add photos, video content, and a clear call to action for anyone thinking about visiting the site. These extra options are an extra opportunity to connect with potential customers & provide another platform to further build your clinic’s brand.


Potential To Engage With Customers

Unlike Google Ads, Facebook allows for a back and forth exchange between you and potential patients. This is a phenomenal opportunity for a vein clinic to engage with leads, answer their questions, and foster public dialogue.


Targeting Capabilities

The possibilities for targeting users on Facebook are endless. Notice a pattern that most of your ablations are booked by mothers between the age of 45-55 who also love the outdoors? With facebook targeting, it’s possible to segment your ad spend to only women who fall into the above category to test you assumptions and further refine your marketing strategy. Facebook also allows for interesting job-based targeting which we’ve found to be particularly effective.. Older nurses who stand on their feet all day, anyone?

In addition to re-targeting website visitors by using a facebook pixel, you’re also able to create lookalike audiences of people similar to your current customers.

What is a lookalike audience?
Facebook uses algorithms to take an audience that you provide it with (for example, a list of names & email addresses of all of your previous clients), and find Facebook users who are demographically similar to those people to target with ads. Sequentially, using a Facebook lookalike audience looks like…

  • Upload your customer list to the Facebook ads platform (or create an audience of anyone who has visited your website)
  • Create a lookalike audience of the audience you create in step 1
  • Facebook then analyzes the audience from step 1 for demographic patterns in age, interests, and Facebook behavior
  • Facebook then creates a lookalike audience of people demographically similar to audience one (your target audience) that have not interacted with your business yet.

If this seems complicated, don’t worry. We’re here to take the headache of sourcing new patients off your hands. Contact us to book a free consultation and start booking more vein patients today!