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Want to grow your vein practice but unsure where to start? We’ve tested the following strategies extensively with our clients. They work!

Invest In A Conversion Optimized Website

Your website is the public face of your vein practice. A poorly designed, poorly optimized websites shows a lack of attention to detail. In order to effectively convert website visitors into patients, vein clinics need to identify a conversion goal. What action do you want website visitors to take? Do you want them to click the ‘Call Now’ button? Would you rather field inquiries by email? Deciding how you want to channel traffic is step one towards converting web traffic into booked ablations.

Stay Away From Cheesy Stock Photography

Not everyone has access to beautiful photography to use on their website. That’s fine – but please avoid the cheesy stock photography. Nothing says ‘cheap website’ and ‘cheap practice’ like a collection of generic stock photography. It’s worth making the investment in high-quality images to differentiate your practice from the competition and to further professionalize your brand.

Example of poor stock photography

Manage Your Digital Spend Effectively

It’s 2019. Spending money on digital channels is a necessity. Source a professional (like us!) and get some facebook & google ads firing. Extra points if you set up retargeting to convert flighty website visitors into paying customers.

Solicit Positive Patient Reviews

Social proof can be a powerful way to further boost your conversion rate and improve your practice’s visibility. We recommend automating your follow up emails and soliciting positive reviews for your social channels. It’s amazing what a handful of five star reviews can do to your Google My Business statistics. Bonus points: You can recycle these positive reviews as patient testimonials on your website.

Offer A Freebie

Offering free vein screenings is a pain. Nonetheless, freebies convert. People choose doctors based on trust indicators. Building trust on a website is challenging. Building trust in person is much easier. Offering a freebie gets potential patients in the door and allows you and your team to wow them in person.

One alternative to in-person vein screenings is to offer a free virtual vein screening. Contact us if you’re interested in setting up a free virtual vein screening for your practice.

Boost Your SEO

Search Engine Optimization for Vein Clinics can be a fickle beast. Optimizing your website for Local SEO results and building your website’s reputation over time can help your clinic rank #1 when potential patients google for “Vein Clinics Near Me”.

Create An Experience

Marketing materials are great. Having a kick ass experience in person is better. Don’t forget that getting patients in the door is just step one of building a successful vein practice. Go over the top and the referrals will start rolling in.